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CWB Certified Welders in Fort McMurray

Welding Red Seal Certified
C. Wiseman Enterprises Ltd. is able to provide welding services for all structural, plumbing, piping and maintenance needs. We have welders that specialize in stainless steel, carbon steel, Inconel, chrome and aluminum.

C. Wiseman Enterprises Ltd. is mobile-ready and able to supply welding rigs that are equipped with TIG, stick and wire feed capabilities.

Weld procedure code coverage:

Pipe Trades Red Seal Certified
C. Wiseman Enterprises Ltd. is able to provide a variety of support for piping trades that are experienced and specialize in the following:

Pipe Trades Red Seal Certified

  • Gas fitting

  • Pipe fitting red seal certified

  • Steam fitting red seal certified

  • Sprinkler fitting red seal certified

  • Torqueing and tensioning

  • Plumbing red seal certified

  • HDPE pipe and installation

  • Conventional hydro testing

  • Pneumatic hydro testing

  • Cold cutting and beveling

Iron Work Red Seal Certified
C. Wiseman Enterprises Ltd. iron workers are able to provide specialized services for structural fabrication and installation, custom fabrication as well as heavy equipment welding repairs.

Iron Work Red Seal Certified

  • Erect/dismantle structural steel and components

  • Load/unload, place and set machinery and equipment

  • Operate power hoist, forklifts and overhead cranes

  • Work with cranes of all sizes for component and modular installation

  • Fabricate and install structural steel in industrial and commercial settings

Millwrights Red Seal Certified
C. Wiseman Enterprises Ltd. millwrights are able to provide support and expertise for conveyors, pumps and turbines as well as for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of all rotating equipment.

Millwrights Red Seal Certified

  • Operate rigging equipment and dollies to place heavy machinery and parts

  • Fit bearings, align gears and shafts, attach motors and connect couplings and belts to precise tolerances

  • Alignment, replacement, repair and testing of equipment

  • Perform predictive and operational maintenance

  • Service and repair hydraulic and pneumatic systems

HVAC/Refrigeration Red Seal Certified
C. Wiseman Enterprises Ltd. HVAC/refrigeration technicians are able to provide expertise and support for the following:

HVAC/Refrigeration Red Seal Certified

  • Installation, commissioning and inspection of all HVAC, refrigeration and ventilation systems

  • Perform routine and preventative maintenance of heating and cooling systems

  • Installation and start-up of building automation systems and customer training

  • Repair heating and air conditioning systems and/or components (e.g. pumps, motors, air handlers, fan coils, piping, etc.)

Certified Riggers
C. Wiseman Enterprises Ltd. riggers specialize in providing support for all large scale and small scale work requirements in conjunction with all third party cranes of all sizes.

Certified Riggers

  • Typical and non-typical critical lifts

  • Multiple crane lifts

  • Engineered lifts

  • Work with multiple trades and support contractors

  • Overhead cranes and hand rigging

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